This article provides information on some of the best marketing analytics tools. Some of these tools can be downloaded and used for free and some will have cost to it but are worth it. Being a marketer demands analytics tools to manage and measure the performance of any marketing campaign.

These tools can gather data from a variety of channels and report all the findings.


This is one of the most powerful and most used ETL tools available today. Talented allows the user to manage all the steps which need to be taken in the ETL process and aims to create accessible, compliant, and clean data for the user. It is one of the tools which can deliver a complete and clean data collection whenever its needed and maintains the quality of the data collection.

Power BI

Power BI was named as the leader for the 13th consecutive year in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant and was created by Microsoft for business analytics. The tool provides interactive visualisations and makes self-service business intelligence easy. End-users can use the dashboards and reports by themselves on the data collections.

The tool comes with features to help the users analyse the data collected and protect the data on most office platforms.


Splunk can be used to search, analyse, and visualise the data collected from applications. It was named by Gartner as a visionary in their 2020 Magic Quadrant. Some of their products have even evolved into other fields such as IT and security. The tool has an aim to bring data to every part of an organisation or business by helping teams to use the tool and prevent and predict certain problems.


This is known as a self-service business intelligence and data visualisation analytics tool. Its main aim is to accelerate business value through data by adding features to help with data integration, analytics, and literacy.

Recent updates to the tool have helped organisations to handle and notify users of potential issues and provide assistance to users to analyse data even further.

Using any of these analytics tools can provide the best assistance in gathering data and analysing the data correctly.

Top 4 Marketing Analytics Tools