Certain elements are essential in making a brand stand out and draw the attention of potential customers. Below are 4 of the most important elements to create an identity for any brand.


Colour plays an important part in how the public will see a brand and how they will be drawn to it. Colour combinations in a brand can make it stand out. The colours used for a design in a brand can become its signature look.

Theme Line

Great theme lines have a long-lasting effect on the identity of a brand and are a statement about what the company stands for. Keeping a theme line intact and not changing it can help to develop sub-themes later on and make the theme line grow with its audiences.


A logo can be seen as the visual trademark by which the public can identify the brand. A logo is the standard trademark of any brand and what they stand for. Examples of the importance of logos can be seen with companies such as Apple and Nike. Logos should be designed following the brand name and colour.

Brand Name

The brand name can almost be seen as the most important element in the whole design of a brand. The brand name refers to the name used to identify the company, its products, and its services. Coming up with a name that can become an iconic brand can be a difficult task. The name of the brand with the font can create a viewpoint that the public will not easily forget.

Some examples of great brand names include Coca-Cola, Fender, VW and Samsung.

4 Essential Brand Elements to Develop Brand Identity